According to World Health Organization, 12% of world's population suffers from hearing loss, while 30% has vision problems. Therefore the development of effective treatment technologies for these diseases stays an actual problem for many decades.

The innovation Company "Chakra" conducts R&D efforts in medical electronics for about 20 years. Improvement of electrical neurostimulation technologies, primarily aimed at vision and hearing recovery, is the main direction of our research.

Our achievements include the development of the “Chakra” family of neurostimulators (Chakra-1, Chakra-2) destined for vision and hearing recovery, as well as the participation in the development of the “InterX” family of interactive stimulators (InterX 5002, etc.) conducted by the Neuro Resource Group company (Dallas, Texas, USA).
We present our new products – next generation neurostimulators:

  • CHAKRA-3H for hearing recovery,
  • CHAKRA-3V for vision recovery.

The flexibility and programmability of these devices provide the possibility of their customization, i.e. adaptation to various treatment protocols according to user requests.


In terms of functionality, they completely replace their predecessors – Chakra-1 and Chakra-2 devices and are significantly superior in functionality.